Welcome to the All Ag Network from Paramount Broadcasting Corp.  We provide farm and ranch programming for radio stations in the United States.  With two two long-form programs daily, and multiple opportunities to customize to your format, there’s no reason to not carry farm programming.

Agriculture Today is now heard on more than 20 radio stations in five states.  You can program it to play in any hour of the day or can choose to air it twice in 30-minute blocks.

The Agribusiness Report is heard primarily in Texas and features a long-form daily interview.  You can choose to air the program in almost any daypart and it runs one-hour.

In addition, as an affiliate, you may air hourly market reports that focus on the top commodities.  The reports feature Bob Maurer with Manduca Trading in Chicago, IL (www.ManducaTrading.com) and are provided at no cost & no barter.  It’s our way of saying thank you for partnering with us.

Best of all, since all the programming is available as a download (mp3) you can choose when and how to play the programs for your audience.  You’ll also appreciate that we never mention the All Ag Network on your air.  We both know that your listeners don’t really care whether or not you’re getting a network program.  They just want great content that sound good.  So, if you’re ready to tap into agricultural advertising revenue while delivering a meaningful product to your listeners give us a call and learn about the advantage of working with the Paramount Broadcasting and the All Ag Network.

Find out how you can begin partnering with the All Ag Network today: Steven@ParamountBroadcasting.com or call 800-983-5704.